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Bear's Creations' Monthly Newsletters

Below are links to each of the newsletters that are sent out every month. Each newsletter is an update of what will be or has been going on recently. Updates on sales, new products, restocks and more can be found in each one. Sign up for the emailing list for yourself on the Home Page!


Bear's Creations is at about halfway through the market season for 2022! I have new ideas for some new product launches, and I've learned what products sell best in person so I have been making a TON of stuff! Read this newsletter to find out some exciting updates!

Markets have started, new plushies are being made, and things are pretty chill. Check out this newsletter (that may actually be from July) to see what's been going on lately!


Mother's Day is a week away, and now is the perfect time to get some last minute gifts for someone special in your life! Stress Relief is always a popular category at Bear's Creations, maybe someone you know could use some stress relief!

Easter is coming up, and gifts are needed to fill baskets! Check out what Bear's Creations has to offer for Easter basket gifts! There are a few new products and tons of website-exclusive products to find.


March was a crazy month! Read this newsletter to find out all of the cool and awesome things that happened. Bear's Creations is striving to bring you the best and greatest handmade gifts, art, and decor for your life.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Get quality, handmade gifts for your partner or friends before it's too late! Bear's Creations has hundreds of handmade gifts ready to order and ship out.

Beautiful Landscape

This newsletter is packed with information about the recent rebrand, new products, and what to expect from this year! If you're not caught up on what is going on with the Bear's Creations' rebrand, this newsletter will have some very valuable information for you.

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