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I wish I knew even half of the names of the flowers I take photos of, but unfortulately I have no idea what most of them are. I will make better notes at some point in time, I promise...


This photo was taken at a park. That's about it, honestly. Just a flower beginning to deacay in a park that I go to sometimes. 


Even though the backstory isn't that impressive, the photo is definitely and eye-catcher! The brightness of the white and little bits of pink in the middle are what I think makes this flower unique. Then the contrast with the background of the twigs and grass make the flower pop out just the right amount. Looking at it, you can feel the beauty this flower encompasses. It radiates out from the middle of the flower into your corneas, passing through all the other parts of the eye I don't know the names of. 


It's just all around a really amazing photo. I hope you can see all of what I am talking about when I say how absolutely beautiful this picture is!


This photo would be good for such things as the following:

~ Desktop background

~ Phone background

~ Home decor

~ Room decor


This photo is a digital download ONLY. You will not be receiving any physical products after purchase.


Refunds are not applicable to a purchase of any digitally downloadable photo that is on this website.


The photo you will get after the purchase does not have the watermark on it. It is completely clear and vibrant!


This downloadable photo is for personal use ONLY. AAny and all printing must be done only for around your own home.


Any printing for businesses, corporations, and/or selling is NOT permitted. 


In conclusion, be nice, don't steal, and be kind and considerate to a struggling artist, photographer, crocheter, and small business owner. Thank you.


I, Bear, personally capture all of my photos whilst on family vacations, walks, everyday strolls, and short outings. My favorite photos to take are sunsets and flowers! I take them with my Nikon camera.

Flower Bush at the End of Summer - Digital Download

  • ~ File Type: JPG

    ~ Downloaded photo does not come with the watermark.

    ~ For personal use ONLY.

    ~ Refunds are not applicable to digital photos.

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