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(IMPORTANT) New photos of the lanyard bundles are coming soon. Apologies if they don't look too good. I've been falling behind on schedule, and will be fixing that soon. Thank you for understanding!


These lanyard bundles are the perfect accessory for anyone who loves crocheted plushies or tiny things! Each bundle comes complete with a handmade lanyard or wristlet, a large plushie, a small plushie, a coin cinch pouch, and a freebie acrylic photo keychain.


- 34” around, 1” wide
- 100% Cotton, hand-sewn. 
- Although the design may be relatively simple, these lanyards are durable and stylish. They can be worn around the neck and held in hand.


- 16” around, 1” wide
- 100% Cotton, hand-sewn. 
- The length is perfect to fit around your wrist, making it easy to carry your keys around with you wherever you need to go!


Large Frog Plush
-  About 3” tall, 3” wide
- Made of 100% acrylic, polyfil, plastic safety eyes
- This is the main piece, as well as the biggest. They are adorable oversized plush keychains. These keychains can hold up to a lot of pulling and tugging, so they will remain intact as you carry them around.


Small Mushroom Plush
- About 1.5” tall, 1” wide
- 100% Acrylic
- This small accessory pulls the bundle’s design together, and they are a small plush keychain. They can also hold up to a lot of tugging and pulling, so they’ll withstand your everyday life. 


Coin Pouch
- About 4” tall, 1” wide. 
- 100% Cotton
- This cinch pouch can hold up to 8 quarters or whatever variety of coins you have, it has a cinch string at the top that holds without knotting, and it’s easy to have change on you when you need it (grocery shopping, parking meters, etc.)


If you have any questions about these lanyard bundles, please reach out to Bear at, and they will be happy to help you!


Currently there are three different bundles available, but plans are in place to have customizable bundles in the future. If you’re interested in a custom lanyard bundle, feel free to reach out and ask about custom orders!

Foraging Lanyard Bundle

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