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Are you looking for a cute way to put up your hair this summer? Try these scrunchies! All of the collections have four colors (specific colors are listed below). They are perfect for a nice summer day when it's just too hot to keep your hair down, or for a cool autumn day when the weather is cold, but still...tolerable! Each of them are soft and easy to pull out of your hair. They are all made with love, and packaged with care.

They can also be used on the wrist! Just for a cute little bracelet thing. They may be a bit tight at first, but they will loosen over time just like any other hair tie.

They are made of 100% acrylic yarn and a hair tie. Halfway through making them, I got new hair ties. The new ones are seamless and wont break, but the old ones are the "Goody" brand. They both work very well for their intended purpose. The yarn has been crocheted around the hair tie to hide it.

I also have pride scrunchies! They are striped with different pride flag colors (transgender flag, gay [variegated and striped], lesbian, and bisexual). And if you don't find the flag you are looking for, I also take custom orders for different flags! A portion of the money from all of my pride products is going to be donated to the Trevor Project! Go check out my shop to see all of my pride products!



Summer Collection: Purple, Light Blue, Teal, Yellow.
Beach Day Collection: Tan, White, Light Blue, Blue.
Forest Collection: Tan, Light Green, Green, Dark Green.
Sunflower Collection: Green, Yellow, Pastel Yellow, Brown.
Rainy Day Collection: Black, Dark Blue, Blue, Light Blue.
Ocean Breeze Collection: Dark Blue, Blue, Teal, Light Blue.
Pumpkin Patch Collection: Brown, Light Green, Orange, Light Orange.
Neutrals Collection: Black, Brown, Tan, Gray.
Birthday Cake Collection: White, Blue, Yellow, Pink.
Watermelon Collection: Red, Pink, Green, Light Green.

Scrunchies - 10 Collections

  • ~ Handwash with warm water only (avoid hot water).

    ~ Air dry only.

    ~ Do not iron.

    ~ Do not dry clean.