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How to Order a Custom Product

I take custom orders for all kinds of things! Below are just a few of my favorite customizable products. They range from jewelry to sensory blankets, and accessories to paintings! Anything is possible at this point. To place a custom order, all you have to do is email me and ask what I take for custom orders. It's as simple as that! From there, we will work out all of the details of the order together, making sure everything is perfect along the way. 


Read all of the descriptions below for details about some specific custom products.


Velvet Sensory Blanket

These blankets are perfect for fidgety kids! They are a great size to use as a lap blanket, which makes them fun for trips in the car. They are about 16" by 16". The front velvet color and fleece back panel are completely customizable, so you're in full control over what it looks like! I can also make a custom size if you're needing something bigger.


Pride Scrunchies

If you don't see the flag you need in the Pride Scrunchies listing, you can request a custom flag! Just keep in mind that the more stripes there are, the bigger the scrunchie gets, and the harder it might be to twist it around your hair. I can use any colors you need for your flag. A portion of the money from your purchase will be donated to the Trevor Project!!

DSC_0755 (2).JPG

Simple Paintings

I am not a super skillful artist, but I love making these simple nature scenes! Some of my best work consists of mountains, trees, and colorful sunsets. I am self taught off of Bob Ross tutorials. If you're looking for a cute room/home decoration, one of my paintings might be what you're looking for! It is likely that I can paint a cartoonish version of a reference photo, but I'm not confident in my abilities to do so.


Granny Square Blanket

The colors for this blanket are completely customizable! It could be a solid color, striped, or I may even be able to find a cool variegated yarn. This is the fun part of custom blankets, you have complete control over the colors and general turnout of your order! They come in two sizes, which are both perfect throw blankets.


Baby Lovies

Lovies are blanket-plushie hybrid toys that are perfect for babies and small kids to hug and cuddle with. They may also be called security blankets. They can be made into bears, bunnies, or frogs. The blanket can either be a square or a star. And all colors are completely customizable! The blankets can be striped, solid colors, or variegated. And the head parts can also be any color imaginable.


Glass Bottle Necklace or Keychain

This specific necklace pictured above is just stuffed with some iridescent flaky glitter, but it looks like a fun potion! I can use some fun colored resin, use the colors to make a pride flag, put dried flowers, gold or copper flakes, tiny fruits, or some cool glittery resin to make it look like a potion. Or maybe I could put a little poem scroll thing inside of it. The possibilities are almost limitless, so have fun thinking up some ideas!


You can contact me via email at

All custom orders I have done in the past were thoroughly loved by the customers. They have all received 5-star reviews! I work hard to provide the best outcome of all products I make, so hearing how satisfied people are with their orders makes me very happy.

If you have any questions about custom orders such as what color options there might be, prices, processing times, and/or shipping, or if you have any concerns about those things, please let me know. I aim to answer any and all questions within 24 hours. You can work out all of the details with me along the way!

I am also able to send you, by request, photos of some projects or past custom orders as references of how things may turn out for you.

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