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These earrings are made of some really cool charms I found in a store one day. I took one look at them in the store and said, "Yes, this needs to happen." So, here I am. I've listed these SUPER cool earrings!!


The charms are plastic, and all of the findings are nickel free! None of the charms exactly match, which is one thing I really like about them.


The charms are slightly transparent, you can see through some of the colors. I'd compare it to a stained glass look.


They hang at 1.75" and they are 1" wide.


These earrings are very lightweight, so they're easy to wear for long periods of time! They are also an amazing statement piece.


I take custom orders! For the full list of products I take custom orders for, email me at!

Abstract Hexagon Earrings

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