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Bear's Creations only takes orders in the U.S., there is no option for international shipping. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Blaire the Bee keychain is a super adorable addition to backpacks, purses, bags, and so much more! It is mainly yellow with two black stripes, and a little pink blush below the eyes! It's a soft plush keychain, so it is perfect for kids' backpacks for school.

These keychains are made out of acrylic yarn, polyester fiber fill, a pair of plastic safety eyes, and a metal keyring/chain. The face is composed of two safety eyes, and right below them is some super cute blush!

Possible metal allergens:
I bought the metal keyrings on Amazon, and I'm sure you know that there are some fairly sketchy listings on there. A lot of the wording is translated from who knows what language. The listing for the keychains says they are made of nickel metal. Please exercise a good amount of caution when purchasing one of these keychains if you are allergic to any kind of metal.

Blaire is about 3" long and 2" wide, but with the keychain it hangs at 4".

What makes them unique is that each of them is slightly different! Because they are handmade they have their perks and differences. Each one has the same design, but some of them may have the wings in a slightly different position, eyes in a slightly different place, or blush a little lower or higher. None of this, however, takes away from the level of cuteness!

Blaire the Bee

  • ~ Handwash with warm water only (avoid hot water).

    ~ Air dry only.

    ~ Do not iron.

    ~ Do not dry clean.

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