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I think this photo deserves a dramatic retelling of the story of how, when, and where I took it:


My family and I were on a guided hike in the Rocky Mountains one chilly afternoon. Our tour guide was from the UK or something. He talked really quietly, so it was hard to understand his stories at times. This man had been a hiking tour guide for something crazy like 40 years! He was so amazing, and told all of the good stories. After an excruciating 3 hour hike up a mountain, we were finally on our way back down. It had gotten warmer througout the day, the sun was now beating through the trees. Everyone was out of breath and sweating by the time we got to this little ledge of a resting spot, we all took off our jackets and chugged some water. Standing on that cliff the wind felt refreshing rather than freezing, the actually fresh air felt good on the lungs. And the sun hurt, which was weird. I wished I had put on more sunscreen and was nervous that I was going to be miserably burnt the next day. As the ~adults~ were talking, I got bored. Remembering that I was the designated family vacation photographer for the week, I pulled out my camera and got it set up for some photos of the mountain scenery. It was absolutely breathtaking!! I live in the middle of a bunch of corn feilds, the only things I've ever seen that I consider mountains are only about 50 feet tall, if that! So REAL mountains were an absolutely astonishing sight in my eyes. I snapped a few photos of a distant snow capped mountain, zooming in with my big lens. I was able to see all of the little details in the rocks that made up the mountain. Next was the cliff edge right across from where I was standing, which is in the picture above. I took some photos zoomed in to the rocks, the trees, and the very edge of the cliff. Then I took some photos zoomed out, focused on the details in the wall of solid stone, noticing the tree roots creeping along the edges. As we began hiking again, I kept my camera out, risking dropping it into the snow because I didn't bring the neck strap. I got so many amazing photos of that moment in our vacation. Not all of them have been deemed worthy to sell, but they are a constant reminder of what that experience was like for me. I remember all of this in great detail. It was one of the coolest (most painful) experiences of my life. And I am so happy I was able to capture these moments.


Did you like my story? Because I liked writing it! I feel like these stories are getting longer and longer t he more I write. Maybe I should write a book...?


The biggest thing I love about this photo is the layers and depth. I say this about a lot of my photos, that I love the depth. I guess that's the biggest thing I love about my photography. Unless that's normal, and I'm just finally getting good at something I love doing....


The colors are also something I think is amazing about this photo in particular. They're pretty toned down, but they tell so much. You can see the green in the trees, indicating that they're healthy. The shades of brown and orange in the rocks, showing all of the little bumps and imperfections in the surfaces. The blue sky and bright white coulds, showing how beautiful that day truly was. 


This photo would be good for such things as the following:

~ Desktop background

~ Phone background

~ Home decor

~ Room decor


This photo is a digital download ONLY. You will not be receiving any physical products after purchase.


Refunds are not applicable to a purchase of any digitally downloadable photo that is on this website.


The photo you will get after the purchase does not have the watermark on it. It is completely clear and vibrant!


This downloadable photo is for personal use ONLY. All printing must be done only for around your own home.


Any printing for businesses, corporations, and/or selling is NOT permitted. 


In conclusion, be nice, don't steal, and be kind and considerate to a struggling artist, photographer, crocheter, and small business owner. Thank you.


I, Bear, personally capture all of my photos whilst on family vacations, walks, everyday strolls, and short outings. My favorite photos to take are sunsets and flowers! I take them with my Nikon camera.

Cliffs in the Rocky Mountains - Digital Download

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