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Bear's Creations only takes orders in the U.S., there is no option for international shipping. Sorry for any inconvenience.


This painting was done on a small, circular wooden panel. It is 6.5" tall and 6.5" wide. It is an acrylic painting.


I got about 10 of these small wodden circles from a craft thing I participated in, and I knew for sure that I wanted to paint something on at least half of them. One night, I got an idea of what I wanted to paint on one of the wood pieces. The image I had in my head was a galaxy-looking sky, black evergreens, and a sprinkle of stars in the sky. And after a few hours, I did it! The image in my brain was successfully transfered onto my wooden canvas, and I could not be more happy about it! 


This painting is one of a kind, there are no duplicates! All of my paintings are either inspired by something I took a glance at one day, or they are completely made up. I do not trace, sketch, or make a practice drawing of the image I am painting.

"Dreamy Nighttime Scenery"

  • ~ Do not bend.

    ~ Do not expose to water or liquids.

    ~ Do not expose to excessive heat for long periods of time.

    ~ Please treat this painting as you would any other piece of art.

  • ~ I do not accept returns or refunds for any of my paintings, drawings, prints, or any other art pieces I sell.

    ~ I am not responsible for any damage to the piece caused by the postal service.

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