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Bear's Creations only takes orders in the U.S., there is no option for international shipping. Sorry for any inconvenience.


This is a Polaroid I painted in an effort to find a way to repurpose the MANY Polaroids I have that did not turn out great.

This painting is something I made up while bored. I love bright sunsets, and I love me some happy little trees, and then came this painting. It is the epitome of those things I love. It has some little black evergreens and a white-ish, yellow, and orange sunset in the sky! I really love this one because of how bright the colors in the sunset are, they pop out really well behind the black!

Each Polaroid that I paint is one of a kind! Some may look similar, but they are all unique. There are no duplicates, no copying, and no tracing. Everything is free handed, hand-painted, and handmade. No reference pictures were used.

The Polaroid is painted with acrylic paint, and sealed with an acrylic 2-in-1 sealer and base coat (it gives a nice glossy finish to the painting). The paint was applied directly on to the Polaroid.

"Evergreens Before Dark"

  • ~ Do not bend.

    ~ Do not leave in excessive heat for extended periods of time.

    ~ Please treat this Polaroid how you would treat any other piece of art.

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