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And now, a slightly dramatic story of how, when, and where I took this photo:


It was a beautiful, warm day in Colorado. My family and I were putting an end to a week-long vacation in the Rocky Mountains. The drive was bumpy and curvy, and the bubbles in my ears were endless. About 10 minutes into the drive out of the foothills, we decided to pull over to the side of the road and slavage the last few minutes of vacation. We all filed out of the car and looked around at the small river running below us. There were many cliff edges all around, some of which had protective netting on them in case of falling rocks. It was too beautiful of an area to miss this photo shoot oprotunity. I grabbed my camera bag and slung it around my shoulders, suddenly remembering how uncomfortable the strap is. I paced around for a few minutes to figure out the best angle for a photo. Turning, I realized it was right in front of me. This beautiful cliff, rocks, and a few trees were exactly what I was looking for. The shadows and contrasing colors were perfect. I slowly lifted the camera up to my face as not to accidentily drop it, and began taking some pictures. The camera's shutter snapping and clicking was my reminder that it really was the end of this amazing vacation. I took some pictures zoomed in as far as the camera would let me, and I even changed the lens to my super huge one. Above is just one of the many amazing photos I got of these foothills. As I was finally satisfied with the number of photos I took, I carefully climbed and walked back to the car with my family, juggling my camera and the bag as I got in. When I sat down, I put the lens cap back on the camera and began looking through the photos, sharing them with my family as we finally drove out of the foothills. There were so many really cool photos, I really could not believe my eyes. The next day, about 3 hours into the 9 hour drive back home, I started moving the photos from the SD card on to my computer. I did some light edits to make sure they looked perfect. This was the very, very end to my Rocky Mountain vacation.


Did you like the story? Because I really liked writing it!


This photo would be perfect for a desktop or phone background! It would also be a nice little photo for a decoration in your home! The neutral colors taht are in the photo go with almost anything.


The story of how I took it is an amazing reminder of the AWESOME vacation my family went on! The brush, trees, and rocks just look so amazing. I can imagine this photo hanging in my own house over a maybe a couch or something.


The depth in this photo is also impeccable. I love how the first hill just jumps into your face when you look at it. If you try hard enough, it will feel like you're standing right in front of this beautiful foothill yourself!


This photo is a digital download ONLY. You will not be receiving any physical products after purchase.


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The photo you will get after the purchase does not have the watermark on it. It is completely clear and vibrant!


This downloadable photo is for personal use ONLY. All printing must be done only for around your own home.


Any printing for businesses, corporations, and/or selling is NOT permitted. 


In conclusion, be nice, don't steal, and be kind and considerate to a struggling artist, photographer, crocheter, and small business owner. Thank you.


I, Bear, personally capture all of my photos whilst on family vacations, walks, everyday strolls, and short outings. My favorite photos to take are sunsets and flowers! I take them with my Nikon camera.

Foothills of the Rockies - Digital Download

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    ~ For personal use ONLY.

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