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This is another situation where I wish I had some kind of cool story to tell about this photo, but I really don't. It's literally as simple as it looks.


I placed my camera on the ground and took some pictures as a joke, and here we are. It has now been officially labeled as "Good Enough to Put on My Website".


Even though I joke about how funny this photo really is, just because it didn't at all turn out how I originally intended it to, I really do love it so much. It's just overall a really cool photo.


There are some really cool little reflections off the grass from the sun. The grass had recently been cut, so all of the blades are relatively uniform. With the sun beginning to set, the lighting made the perfect amount of contrast for each little blade. The sun is beautifully shining in the background. And all of it put together just makes an amazing, yet simple, photo.


This photo would be good for such things as the following:

~ Desktop background

~ Phone background

~ Home decor

~ Room decor


This photo is a digital download ONLY. You will not be receiving any physical products after purchase.


Refunds are not applicable to a purchase of any digitally downloadable photo that is on this website.


The photo you will get after the purchase does not have the watermark on it. It is completely clear and vibrant!


This downloadable photo is for personal use ONLY. All printing must be done only for around your own home.


Any printing for businesses, corporations, and/or selling is NOT permitted. 


In conclusion, be nice, don't steal, and be kind and considerate to a struggling artist, photographer, crocheter, and small business owner. Thank you.


I, Bear, personally capture all of my photos whilst on family vacations, walks, everyday strolls, and short outings. My favorite photos to take are sunsets and flowers! I take them with my Nikon camera.

Grassy Knoll - Digital Download

  • ~ File Type: JPG

    ~ Downloaded photo does not come with the watermark.

    ~ For personal use ONLY.

    ~ Refunds are not applicable to digital photos.

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