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Bear's Creations only takes orders in the U.S., there is no option for international shipping. Sorry for any inconvenience.


This giant strawberry plushie was an experimental design, meaning that I was not entirely sure what I was doing when I was making it. I eyeballed, guessed, and went through it with my eyes basically closed. It's a pretty big shock that this plushie turned out so CUTE!


Each individual leaf is made seperately, sewn on, and crocheted around. The stem was made already attatched to the top, so it won't come undone. And the rest of it is secured well, and detailed to be great for kids to play with.


I used some vintage pink-ish yarn that I got from my grandma, as well as some light green yarn. The yarn is 100% acrylic and the plushie is stuffed with polyester fiber fill.


This plushie is pretty thick, yet squishy. If you have a child who is obsessed with pink things, strawberries, chonky plushies, or just plushies in general, this strawberry would be perfect for you! 



Height ~ 9" (22cm)

Width ~ 6.5" (16cm)


I take custom orders! Contact me via email at to get the full list of products that i take for custom orders.

Jumbo Strawberry Plushie

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