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Bear's Creations only takes orders in the U.S., there is no option for international shipping. Sorry for any inconvenience.


This blanket is made of soft acrylic yarn, it's 32" long and 32" wide, and it is the perfect blanket to cuddle up with!


The stitches make it nice and breathable, so it wont get too hot. And the color pattern is absolutely adorable! The colors consist of light pink, pink, white, light blue, blue, and a little bit of purple. The yarn this blanket is made of is super soft and lightweight.


This blanket is the perfect gift for kids, grandkids, and babies. Or for a gift at a baby shower, birthday, or a holiday get-together. It can also be used as a small throw blanket to decorate a child's bedroom, a family room, a bed, and more!

Receiving Blanket - 32"X32"

  • ~ Handwash with warm water only (avoid hot water).

    ~ Air dry only.

    ~ Do not iron.

    ~ Do not dry clean.

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