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Skylar the Stress Ball is a fun and unique gift for everyone! The yarn they are made out of has a super soft texture and the fiber fill they are stuffed with gives them a really nice squish. Skylar comes in 4 colors and 5 sizes! There are so many to choose from and you are pretty much guaranteed to find a size and color for anyone!

**PERSONALIZED ORDERS AVAILABLE** You may customize your stress ball by removing the dorky eyebrows, adding blush to the cheeks, or adding a keychain!

Please keep in mind that sizes do vary a bit. They could be a little bigger or a little smaller than the measurements I have provided below.

XS: This size is about 6" around, which is a little bigger than a golf ball. It is the perfect size for a keychain. You can also get it without a keychain to keep in your pocket. It is super discrete and won't be very noticeable in your pocket. It is great for taking along on trips, to school, or where ever you can attach a keychain.

Small: This size is about 7" around, which is a little smaller than a tennis ball. It is also good to personalize with a keychain.

Medium: This size is about 8.5" around, about the size of a baseball. It is the perfect size for your hand, not too big or too small. It is great to take with on a long car ride when your 15 y/o brother decides he wants to drive your family on a 7 hour trip because he finally learned how to drive and got his driving permit thing (I definitely gave the stress ball a good durability test on that trip).

Large: This size is about 11" around. It is definitely not as discrete as the XS. You have to use two hands to squish it. This one would make for a good stuffed animal type of thing for a kid as well as a slightly oversized stress ball!

XL: This size is about 16" around. It could almost be a small pillow. This one is great to cuddle up with when you are getting nervous about things. It is also 100% not discrete at all. It definitely takes two hands to squish.

If you are interested in a size larger than the XL, please let me know! I would be happy to work out a custom order!

Skylar the Stress Ball

  • ~ Handwash with warm water only (avoid hot water)

    ~ Do not dry clean

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