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I think this photo deserves a dramatic retelling of how I took it:


On a comfortable afternoon on vacation in the Rocky Mountains, my family and I went on a small hike after having stayed inside our cabin most of the day. The air was fresh and the sun was setting. Beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red were carefully painted on the horizon. After driving for about 5 minutes, we stopped at a small parking lot in a clearing of trees. There were a few deserted cabins nearby, looking as creepy as the possible could in the depleating light. We argued for a few minutes on which path of the two in front of us we should hike down. Getting tired of the arguing, I began peacfully walking down the path to our left, ignoring my family as I went. Eventually they caught up to me, and we began our little evening hike. Suddenly, we came across a near 90 degree drop on the path. We had picked one that went down to a raging river. Reluctantly I followed my family down to the river. This spot ended up being perfect for a family photo. I took may camera out of my bag and set it on a rock, propping it up with a stick so it would stay relatively level. It took a while for me to figure out how the timer worked, but eventually we got some good photos. We then climbed around the river bank a bit, before heading back up to continue on the path. As we walked I was snaping pictures nonstop in hopes that I could get some nice photos. I noticed some TINY purple flowers scattered on the ground, blowing a bit in the breeze. They looked so lonley being so far apart. I found one that was pretty much perfect and took some photos of it, admiring how cute they all were. Having fallen so far behind, I had to jog a bit to catch up with my family. We continued on the path for a while. The night was calm, nearly no sounds other than trees rustling. And I continued snapping photos wehrever I thought was good.


Did you like my story? Because I liked writing it!


This photo is one of my favorites for a number of reasons. First; the colors. This flower was such a beautiful shade of purple, and it paired perfectly witht the light green of the stem. Second; the contrast, once again. The background just compliments the colors of the flower perfectly. And third; the memory of a lonely little flower on our hike. It really is just adorable.


I cannot say enough how happy this photo makes me. You just look at it and immidiately feel good. It just over all has a really good vibe to it. 


I have so many amazing photos from my vacation to the Rockies, which is so amazing. You will probably see a bunch of photos for sale on here from that trip because there really are that many photos that are cool.


This photo would be good for such things as the following:

~ Desktop background

~ Phone background

~ Home decor

~ Room decor


This photo is a digital download ONLY. You will not be receiving any physical products after purchase.


Refunds are not applicable to a purchase of any digitally downloadable photo that is on this website.


The photo you will get after the purchase does not have the watermark on it. It is completely clear and vibrant!


This downloadable photo is for personal use ONLY. AAny and all printing must be done only for around your own home.


Any printing for businesses, corporations, and/or selling is NOT permitted. 


In conclusion, be nice, don't steal, and be kind and considerate to a struggling artist, photographer, crocheter, and small business owner. Thank you.


I, Bear, personally capture all of my photos whilst on family vacations, walks, everyday strolls, and short outings. My favorite photos to take are sunsets and flowers! I take them with my Nikon camera.

Tiny Tulip - Digital Download

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    ~ Downloaded photo does not come with the watermark.

    ~ For personal use ONLY.

    ~ Refunds are not applicable to digital photos.

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